Superbook Brings Joy to Traumatized Japanese Kids

Superbook is making inroads in Japan.
CBN recently introduced the animated bible series to that Asian nation.
Japanese parents and kids are thrilled and it’s bringing them encouragement in a region of the country devastated earlier this year by an earthquake.

Superbook festivals were held in the region of Kyushu, the area that was hit by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in April. 

Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Center head, Pastor Yogi Nakamura says, Superbook is part of the trauma counseling for the children. 

“We wanted to bring hope to the children who are still recovering from trauma brought about by the earthquake. Many children here are still afraid. They can’t sleep by themselves, so Superbook is a big encouragement to the kids,” he explained.

Superbook has also stirred the churches towards strengthening their children’s ministries. Many churches don’t even have Sunday school. It was mostly the adults who attended the event. 

Jenny Oh is a missionary among the children. She was delighted with Superbook’s “The First Christmas“ episode, which was shown in the festival. 

“It gives them a different perspective about Christmas. They don’t know about Jesus. They don’t know the meaning of what the Christ part is. It’s important to tell them what the real meaning of Christmas is, in a way they can understand,” Oh said.

Two girls told CBN News they enjoyed watching Superbook and especially liked the story about Jesus Christ. 

Michio Osakawa of Word of Life Press Ministries said Superbook is a valuable ministry tool.

“Superbook can be an effective way of sharing the gospel in Japan. The children who watch it, when they grow up even if they don’t become Christian, they can look back to the values they have learned.” 

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